Christopher Aaron

"Being a hair stylist is like being an architect, a designer, or a sculptor - it's about taking something and building it into an art form."
- Christopher Aaron Smith

My destiny found me at the age of 10 on an inspiring, life-altering trip to the local hair salon with my mother and aunts.  It was there that I witnessed the creativity, artistry, imagination, and collaboration that take place in the relationship between stylist and client.  I decided to dedicate my own imagination, education, and life to the artistic world of styling hair and making people feel beautiful.  This was my world, and I still see it through the eyes of that 10 year old boy, full of hair canvases waiting for me to create artistic masterpieces.

I started my education in cosmetology at a very young age.  Through diligent work in classes, workshops, and research, it soon became clear to me the company that I wanted to become affiliated with professionally was Redken.  An established company that has been at the top of the industry for half of a decade, Redken is constantly creating and innovating new trends, products, training opportunities, and ad campaigns that are of the highest caliber and always keeping their clients and stylists at the forefront of their vision.  Through Redken, I am able to continue my education and hone my skills as a stylist while staying abreast of all of the latest trends, styles, cuts, and colors, which remains my top priority.  I have completed the following certifications through Redken:  Product Specialist, Master Specialist, Color Correction Specialist, and Cutting Technique.  I am also certified Keratin Specialist for Chicago news stations, and production companies, magazines, runway shows, and high fashion photo shoots in the Barrington IL area.  Through the realization of these personal goals, I have also been able to establish opportunites to reach higher and create new dreams and levels of excellence for myself.  My goal is to strive to obtain all offered Redken certifications and become a major player on the national Redken stage.

As I have been working on creating my own brand, I have vowed that an imperative componet of the Christopher Aaron styling experience is the focus on the individual relationships with my clients.  I insist on one-on-one consultations so that I can be sure that there is always a constant flow of comunication and ideas so that I fully understand what is expected of my styling and me for you.  It is that dedication to the clients' visions that makes Christopher Aaron Styling an innovative collaborative art form.  It's not my vision; it's not your vision.  It is what we create together.

My passion to stay at the forefront of the latest trends in the industry as well as my commitment to offering only the highest quality hair care products has given Christopher Aaron Styling a reputation for.  Make an appointment today and discover one of the best hair salons in Barrington IL.